May 24, 2010

Web 2.0 Serving a company - inside & outside - A McKinsey Global Survey

Article Reflection
Article:How Businesses are Using Web 2.0: A McKinsey Global Survey

The global survey highlights how corporations around the world are utilizing web 2.0 technologies to better serve the needs within and outside the company. Companies utilizing web 2.0 do it for many reasons, some of which might be to maintain a company’s market position, have a competitive edge in the market or address customer needs and demands.

The article talks about how “technology is just the way of doing business today and collaborative technologies” help accomplish that goal. It’s the easy access to information without a hierarchy that makes it so attractive. It can work at grassroots level allowing participation in the entire process and thereby having a direct impact on the success of a product. Such technologies also increase competitive advantage while reducing operating costs. It also creates a strong send of community within an organization that is “more interactive and less pushy”.

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