Jun 17, 2010

Collaborative Tools & Social Network Applications at IBM - an insight by Anne Zimos

Lecture Reflection
Lecture by: Anne Zimos, Sr Manager at IBM

The lecture was mainly about how IBM uses Social Networks to stay connected and accomplish goals across the world. She talked about current problems in the workforce as being multigenerational. Different generations working at IBM have different communication styles and similarly their technology environment is different as well. On way of overcomming these barries would be to use collaborative tools and social networks. Using collaboration in an enterprise drives business value by
  • Enabling people to work smarter together.
  • Unlocking innovation through a broad participation.
  • Fostering deep insightful relatiohships.

The value from Social Networks lies in the relationships developed. It’s all about the networks you develop and how effectively you can utilize that network to provide a business solutions.

Anne gave valuable insights into the working culture at IBM. The various collaborative tools currently used at IBM demonstrate how the use of social networks and latest technology can bridge the communication gap between multigenerational workforce. Their use of facebook like internal system, wikis, internal blogs, internal bookmarking (dogear), file sharing system was all very interesting in the way it engaged it’s employees. The accessibility provided by all the tools is incredible. With such tools it doesn’t really matter which part of the world you live in – you can accomplish any task at hand! With such collaborative and innovative tools, I feel the world is shrinking day by day!

I also would like to mention that the questions asked by my classmates were all so wonderful! All those questions and Anne’s patient responses to each and every one of them was so informative. The question and answer session really made me feel like I was sitting in a live class. Keep the questions coming folks!!!

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